Saturday, April 30, 2016


By Stephen Brown

They fled religious hatred, rape and violence in their homelands for the “safe” haven of Germany -- only to encounter the same, brutal conditions in their new accommodations: the refugee hostel.

Violence in refugee centers became a national topic in Germany last October, only weeks after Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel invited into Europe one million, mainly Muslim, refugees. But exposure of this disgraceful situation appears to have had little effect, as German newspapers are reporting this month that conditions remain unchanged.

FORMER CIA ANALYST: Hillary Clinton's Unencrypted Personal Email Server May Have Led to Benghazi Attack

There's an important article over at Consortium News by longtime CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who prepared Presidential Daily Briefings for presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and which highlights an interesting point I hadn't come across before.

Namely, that Hillary's use of an insecure personal email server -- that was almost certainly hacked by America's enemies -- could very well have exposed Ambassador Steven's lack of security in his Benghazi compound, thereby leading directly to the terror attack that killed four Americans.

Larwyn's Linx: Sen. Mike Lee Calls Mark Levin, Goes Nuclear On John Boehner And Pete King!

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Scandal Central

Here Comes the Obama/UN Refugee “Surge”--Rebranded “Safe Alternative Pathways”: William F. Jasper
Report: Clintons Are Paying Legal Bills For Aide Who Registered Private Email Address: Chuck Ross
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All Belgian residents issued with iodine tablets to protect against radiation: Matthew Holehouse
'We're gonna build a wall, and it's gonna be beautiful': Speisa

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Automat of the Future: The Z Man
China Debuts Anbot, The Police Robot: PopSci
Developer hacks Apple Watch to boot and run Windows 95: Benjamin Mayo


Minnesota man claiming to be Prince's 'love child' asks to be in charge of his $300MM estate : DailyMail
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Image: Make Mexico Great Again
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QOTD: "Israel isn’t my country, but it is my country’s ally, and it is impossible for a liberty-loving American to fail to admire what the Jewish state has done.

And that, of course, is why the Left wants to see the Jewish state exterminated." --Kevin D. Williamson

Friday, April 29, 2016

REAL HEROES: Sheriffs call for Americans to defy unconstitutional gun laws

By Mac Slavo

As the federal government continues in its quest to restrict the rights of gun owners across the country, local law enforcement is stepping up their response.

For many, it is one of a line in the sand against a bevy of agencies based in Washington, and partnering state agencies, who have violated the constitution.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Agenda for the 2016 Democratic National Convention Revealed!

Cub Reporter Biff Spackle scoops the world with this exclusive, tippity-top secret agenda for the DNC.

2016 Democrat National Convention
Schedule of Events

 7:20 pm Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Hillary Clinton
 7:25 pm OPENING ISLAMIC PRAYER - Rep. Keith Ellison
 7:45 pm CEREMONIAL TREE HUGGING - Leonardo DiCaprio
 7:55 pm Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Joe Biden
 8:00 pm MUSICAL INTERLUDE ON GLOBAL WARMING: John Kerry and James Taylor
 8:55 pm Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Hillary Clinton
 9:30 pm MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR SADDAM HUSSEIN - Cindy Sheehan and Sean Penn
10:00 pm Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO the late VP Joe Biden
11:00 pm OVAL OFFICE AFFAIRS - A POEM BY William Jefferson Clinton
11:45 pm Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Nancy Pelosi's Rack
12:25 am Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Beyonce
12:30 am SATELLITE ADDRESS - Vladimir Putin
12:45 am NOMINATION OF HILLARY CLINTON - Senator Chuck Schumer
1:00 am Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy SINGS NATIONAL ANTHEM
1:30 am Actor Portraying Ted Kennedy PROPOSES A TOAST TO Mary Jo Kopechne
1:35 am Bill Clinton asks actor Portraying Ted Kennedy to drive Hillary home.

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Larwyn's Linx: John Boehner: Trump is my golfing and texting buddy; Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh”

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Scandal Central

Bill’s aide may be the nexus between the Clintons’ political and financial interests: Monica Crowley
Whistleblower: Cockroaches Served for Dinner at Chicago-Area VA Hospital: Tori Richards
DOJ Claims Revealing FBI Declaration Will Jeopardize Clinton Email Investigation: Rachel Stockman


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China Tests New Weapon Capable of Breaching US Missile Defense Systems: Franz-Stefan Gady
Dershowitz Blasts Obama for Treatment of Netanyahu Who is ‘Owed an Apology’: UnitedWithIsrael
Iran State TV Airs Video Encouraging Children to Fight in Syria: CNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Who Will Debunk The Debunkers?: Daniel Engber
French Government Rejected Israeli Tech That Could Have Prevented Terrorist Attacks: Avi Green
U.S. judges can now issue search warrants on computers in any jurisdiction: VB


"There Is a Crack in Everything. That's How the Light Gets In.": American Digest
The Incredible Watches (And Cars) Of Briggs Cunningham: Benjamin Clymer
Crying Orange Man of Tan-Zany-A: Sondrakistan

Image: Trump Supporters Beaten, Cop Cars Destroyed By Protesters In Costa Mesa
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QOTD: "This is a wakeup call to the American people who are supporting Donald Trump, thinking that he’s the guy who’s going to rail against the establishment—he’s not. He is the establishment. He’s the golfing buddy, the texting buddy, of John Boehner. The same guy that praises Hillary Clinton, that praises Bernie Sanders. So if you’re out there thinking that Donald Trump can somehow be the guy who can take down the establishment, think again because quite the opposite is true." --Sen. Mike Lee

Bonus QOTD: "The Clinton Foundation was a convenient way to warehouse hundreds of Clinton campaign people until Hillary announced her candidacy. The foundation was enriched by contributions from individuals and countries who would benefit from State Department actions while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Hillary and Bill received enormous speaking fees- Bill from some of the same individuals and countries while Hillary "served”. Hillary argued that she has shown her philanthropic nature by donating some of her gigantic speaking fees to charity. Which charity? The Clinton Foundation,of course, which was employing her future campaign team." --Rich Baehr

Thursday, April 28, 2016

THE BDS MOVEMENT: Hamas Terrorists Come to America

By Caroline Glick

To defeat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel, it is first necessary to understand it.

The BDS campaign is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Activists from US coast to coast robotically parrot the same lies, employ the same tactics of bullying, intimidating and silencing pro-Israel activists and speakers on campus after campus.

Their goals are uniform. They seek to silence pro-Israel voices in US academia as a means to destroy general public support for Israel in America.

And they seek to make Jew-hatred socially acceptable in elite circles in America for the first time since the Holocaust.

GOOD NEWS! Obama Only Released 20,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2015!

By Jessica Vaughan

ICE continued to release deportable criminal aliens from its custody at an alarming rate in 2015, according to figures the agency provided to members of Congress this week in advance of a hearing taking place Thursday, April 28. In 2015, ICE freed 19,723 criminal aliens, who had a total of 64,197 convictions among them. These included 8,234 violent convictions and 208 homicide convictions. While the total number of releases is lower than the past two years, since the number of arrests has declined quite dramatically, the rate of releases is approximately the same — meaning that this is no progress at all, and certainly will be no consolation for the victims of these criminal aliens.

The table below enumerates the criminal convictions associated with the released aliens. The largest number of convictions was for Driving Under the Influence; there were 12,307 alcohol DUI convictions and 354 drug DUI convictions, for a total of 12,661.

Larwyn's Linx: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Donald Trump and the Tyranny of the Mob

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Scandal Central

Obama’s Racialist Civil Rights Divisions: Politically Short
ICE Released 19,723 Criminal Aliens in 2015: Jessica Vaughan
Crony Capitalism and the Spigot of Government Subsidies: Veronique De Rugy

Climate & Energy

Busted Wind Turbines Give College Whopping Negative 99.14% Return On Investment: Anthony Watts
EPA Continues To Implement Global Warming Plan Supreme Court Said It Couldn’t: Michael Bastasch


Mark Likes Ted and Carly: Mark Levin
Will Ferrell to star in movie documenting debunked theory about Ronald Reagan’s dementia: Times
The FT has become the Daily Mail of the Europhile elite: Charles Moore

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EMP alert: 2 N. Korean satellites now orbit over U.S.: WND

Trump Jumps Into Bed With Putin: Cliff Kincaid
Palestinian Authority's billion dollar terror funding scam revealed.: MFS-TON
Senior Israeli official: Chemical weapons capability for ISIS is a red line: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Autonomous Cars Have Their Own Massive Lobbying Effort Now: David Tracy
Apple just posted its first quarterly sales decline in 13 years: Joel Hruska
Agile is Dead: Matthew Kern


Kobe Bryant, The Beatles and a Child Chess Prodigy  All Have the Same Habit: Daniel Rodic
GOP Post Primary Citrus Poll; Pick Your Juice: MOTUS
Meet The High School Student Who Was Accepted To ALL 8 Ivy League Colleges: Sierra Marlee

Image: Tapping Fiorina Early, Cruz Echoes Reagan's Famous Gamble
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QOTD: "This afternoon Donald Trump gave a serious foreign policy speech, and spent a good part of it reminding Americans about Obama’s (and Hillary’s) abject international failures. Frankly, I was impressed. Of course, highlighting his determination to reverse the damage of the Obama years was the message I recommended to the Cruz campaign months ago. Instead, Cruz decided to get in the gutter with Trump, and only cheapened himself in the process.

I suppose it’s fair to say this change of tone means Trump is looking beyond the convention to a battle royale with Hillary Clinton in the fall.

To watch the speech in its entirety (about an hour), have a look here." --Dan Friedman