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Our Nation's Absent Father

Even foreign media have noticed that our President has, uhm, checked out:

Consider this: In recent days, a) Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, apparently by Russian separatists in Ukraine, b) In the Gaza strip, the numbers killed continued to mount as Israelis and Palestinians exchange rocket fire, c) a huge influx of children fleeing Central American poverty and gang warfare swamped America’s southern border, creating a humanitarian crisis.

And, oh yeah, d) Christians living in Mosul were given the choice to either convert to Islam or flee the area they have inhabited for nearly two thousand years.

You know what else has happened during this time? a) Obama played many rounds of golf, b) he attended numerous fund-raisers, c) he dined on barbecue in Texas and burgers in Delaware, and d) he almost appeared on the comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night television show in Hollywood.

The subhead on the Telegraph's story is brutal: "The degree to which Barack Obama is now phoning it in – sleepwalking perfunctorily through his second term, amid golf rounds and dinner parties – is astonishing."

And when you've lost Dianne Feinstein:

Listing the numerous global crises currently facing the United States, Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) questioned whether President Obama is devoting enough attention to these issues rather than focusing on political fundraisers and events.

“This is a very hard time,” she said on MSNBC on Monday, referencing the ongoing civil war in Syria, the continued push by ISIS in Iraq, the state of Iranian nuclear negotiations, the Gaza–Israel conflict, and the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. “I’m not going to tell the president what to do, but I think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter, and I think there ought to be increased attention.”

Feinstein’s call for Obama to be more focused and attentive comes as he is ... on a three-day trip to the West Coast for Democratic fundraisers in Seattle, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles.

I repeat my call for Section 8 Housing for Illegal Aliens on Martha's Vineyard. Which would appear to be the only way to get Dear Leader to pay attention.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

SURPRISE: "Tech" news site Mashable is a front for the Nazi-aligned Hamas terror organization

Question: When is a tech news site actually a public relations arm for a bloodthirsty terror group?

Answer: when that tech news website is called Mashable. Consider a couple of their recent stories, designed to garner sympathy for actual bloodthirsty war criminals (no links for obvious reasons; simply search for the headline and you'll find it if you decide you prefer to read Hamas marketing material):

'Am I Going to Die, Daddy?' The Child in Gaza Asked by Jon Snow

U.N. Official Warns of Gaza War Crimes; Only U.S. Votes Against Investigating by AP

45000 Londoners Protest Israel's Operation in Gaza by Colin Daileda

13 Anonymous Admissions From Israelis About Gaza on Whisper by Brian Ries

UN Made Clear It Was Sheltering Kids But School in Gaza Still Got Hit by Mashable Team

Israel Is Losing Control of the Gaza Media War by Colin Daileda

A Day in Gaza: A Destroyed Hospital and 'Gut-Slamming Explosion' by Jonathan Miller

Thousands Flee Major Battle With Israel in Gaza, Death Toll Tops 420 by the AP

Israeli Airstrikes Injure Three Journalists in Gaza by Brian Ries

PJMedia's Bryan Preston rightfully asks, "Is Tech Site Siding with Hamas Terrorists?"

In “‘Am I Going to Die, Daddy?’ The Child in Gaza Asked,” reporter Jon Snow states that “If the Israelis have proved anything, it is that there is no such thing as a forensic strike.” Snow never allows for the fact while Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties, while Hamas feeds on them.

After chronicling several heart-breaking cases of kids caught up in the crossfire, Snow rhetorically asks “Can they really be the acceptable collateral damage of targeting militants?”

The tone of the entire piece puts the moral responsibility for all casualties in Gaza not on Hamas, the terrorist group that is still dedicated to destroying Israel and which started the current conflict, but on Israel...

Today’s and tomorrow’s Israelis are paying a price too, are they not? You wouldn’t know it from reading Jon Snow, or indeed anything published at Mashable...

...Snow’s piece fits well within Hamas’ anti-Israel propaganda. Why is a tech site like Mashable publishing it?

It's almost as if Snow and Mashable are operating as a free public relations firm for one of the most bloodthirsty terror groups in the world, and one that is a a direct descendant of Nazi Germany.

Here's one of many videos secretly taped in Gaza that Mashable won't show you: Hamas terrorists savagely beats Gaza civilians who heed IDF calls to leave targeted areas, for instance.

Mashable also won't tell you that the Hamazis are forcibly strapping suicide belts to children and sending them into Israeli lines at gunpoint.

Hamas is committing war crimes daily, using civilians as human shields and targeting innocents with their thousands of rockets.

Hamas is a group with direct ties to the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.

Why Mashable is promoting this Nazi sickness is beyond me, but it is reprehensible. There is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, none.

Hat tip: BadBlue Tech News (of which Mashable is no longer a member).

SESSIONS: All Americans must help stop Obama's dictatorial threats to expand Amnesty to millions

By Senator Jeff Sessions

I call on the American public to rally Congress against the President’s openly declared threat to implement, by executive order, the amnesty that Congress has rejected:

How Congress chooses to act in the coming hours and days will determine whether the President succeeds in his plan to nullify the immigration laws of the United States.

Just yesterday, TIME magazine reported that the President is considering a grant of ‘work authorization for perhaps several million undocumented immigrants.’ Permitting those illegally present in the U.S. to work and take jobs is contrary to plain law, which the President has no power to change. Yet Democratic members of Congress have openly crowed about these planned executive actions.

It has now been extensively reported that these executive actions will likely expand his Deferred Action program (DACA) to apply to an additional 5–6 million adult illegal immigrants. The existing DACA program has been widely misunderstood. The executive action did not, as The Hill writes today, only result in ‘deferred deportations for young undocumented immigrants.’ Illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. have already, as a practical matter, been immune from enforcement under this Administration. DACA applies to individuals up to 30 years of age and provides actual amnesty papers, photo ID, and work permits to illegal immigrants—who can then take any job in America.

The President’s planned executive orders would expand this permitting program to another 5–6 million illegal immigrants. This would effectively end immigration enforcement in America.

No Member—House or Senate, Democrat or Republican—should support any bill with respect to the border crisis that does not include language explicitly prohibiting the Administration from taking such action. Congress must foreclose any possibility of these unlawful executive actions before congressional funding is granted. This is an essential precondition.

The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced.  We have people in our own country living in violence, fear, and poverty every single day.  They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages, and communities first. Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?


Larwyn's Linx: Sessions: Melt Congress' Phone Lines, Stop Obama's Planned Amnesty

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Image: Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

QOTD: "If Obama were a Republican, the press and the weekly news shows would be ringing with hyperbolic, apocalyptic denunciations of the clueless incumbent who had failed to learn the most basic lessons of Iraq. Indeed, the MSM right now would be howling that Obama was stupider than Bush. Bush, our Journolist friends would now be saying ad nauseam, at least had the excuse that he didn’t know what happens when you overthrow a paranoid, genocidal, economically incompetent Arab tyrant in an artificial post-colonial state. But Obama did—or, the press would nastily say, he would have done if he’d been doing his job instead of hitting the golf course or yakking it up with his glitzy pals at late night bull sessions. The ad hominem attacks would never stop, and all the tangled threads of incompetence and failure would be endlessly and expertly picked at in long New Yorker articles, NYT thumbsuckers, and chin-strokings on all the Sabbath gasbag shows.

Why, the ever-admirable tribunes of a free and unbiased press would be asking non-stop, didn’t this poor excuse for a President learn from what happened in Iraq? When you upend an insane and murderous dictator who has crushed his people for decades under an incompetent and quirky regime, you’d better realize that there is no effective state or civil society under the hard shell of dictatorial rule. Remove the dictator and you get chaos and anarchy. Wasn’t this President paying attention during the last ten years?" --Walter Russell Mead

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A World Without Mark Levin

Try to imagine a world without Mark Levin.

A world in which the Constitution is seldom, if ever, mentioned and never thoughtfully discussed as society's rudder.

A world in which the rule of law is amorphous and no public voices decry these affronts, explaining the historical dangers associated with such acts.

A world in which the achievements of Locke, Montesquieu, Bastiat, Mason, Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Milton Friedman, and others are relegated to brief discussions in a few forlorn clasrooms.

A world in which the word statist is never uttered and the consequences of statism are never discussed.

A world in which the go-along-to-get-along Republican establishment -- the descendents of the Nixon, Rockefeller and Ford wing of the country club neo-statists -- are never held to account.

A world in which the intellectual underpinnings of conservatism are never dissected piece by piece, explained, and then reassembled in terms revealing, enlightening, and bracing.

A world in which the Framers are never discussed, nor the critical arguments they had among one another during America's founding are long forgotten.

A world in which the moral, philosophic, legal, and economic tenets undergirding societies both new and olden are ignored and generally forgotten.

A world in which the authoritarian malevolence of the ruling elites in Washington is never discussed and those promoting lawless behavior never named.

A world in which the few voices willing to oppose the elites in Washington -- the privileged ruling class of both parties -- are never celebrated or cheered.

A world without a simple playbook, authorized by the Constitution itself, for addressing an authoritarian government that has grown monstrous and detached from the citizenry and is simply unwilling to reform itself.

A world without a spokesman for America's greatness.

A world in which those who are conservatives can't easily describe why it is they believe as they do.

But we have this much: we have Mark Levin.

Say a little prayer tonight: we have Mark Levin.

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8 Insane Things Put in Place by John McCain's $100 Million Pro-Invasion Spending Bill

We always knew John McCain was a kook. His anti-First Amendment and incumbent protection bill -- McCain-Feingold -- was an outrage. His lies to the people of Arizona when he was up for reelection in 2010 ("Secure the dang border!") were pathetic. His feckless promotion of intervention in Syria culminated in his glamour shots with members of ISIS. And his serial abuse of the Constitution and Constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee deserve nothing but scorn.

So just when you thought McCain couldn't get any dumber or more malicious, we get word of his $100,000,000 bill that promote illegal immigration. Consider the eight key facets of this epic treason:

1) Spends $100,000,000.

2) Asserts acts that are already illegal are now illegal.

3) Makes it a federal crime to tell someone where a DHS, HHS or Border Patrol bus carrying illegal aliens is spotted, coming from or headed.

4) Makes it a federal crime to prohibit a DHS, HHS or Border Patrol bus from moving from point A to point B.

5) Does absolutely nothing to secure the border and stop the invasion in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. These southern borders will remain wide open and the bill doesn’t address this.

6) Creates a communication channel between HHS and states about newly recommended facilities for housing illegal aliens.

7) Opens up U.S. facilities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for the purpose of processing illegal aliens on foreign soil.

8) Calls for 15,000 “refugees” from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to be processed on foreign soil and transported into the U.S. this year alone.

This treasonous, reckless behavior must stop.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Larwyn's Linx: Obama just dumped 1504 illegal alien kids in NJ and won't tell us where they are

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Image: Check Out the Newest Ted Cruz Poster From the Artist who Created the ‘Tattooed’ Cruz
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QOTD: "Let me just say in about an hour, I'm going over to the White House. I'll be meeting with Jeh Johnson and the chief legal counsel to the president of the United States. We're going to sit down and we're going to negotiate additional terms and avenues the president can use and prosecutorial discretion and I think we can get 3 million, 4 million, maybe 5 million names." --Democrat Rep. and Supporter of Criminal Activity Luis Gutiérrez

Friday, July 25, 2014

Top 10 things that will happen if Israel allows itself to win in Gaza

By Dan from New York

1. Iran loses one of its tentacles it meant to use to strangle Israel.

2. Having had one tentacle amputated in Gaza, Iran is loathe to lose the other one in southern Lebanon.

3. Talk about "isolation." A new calculus takes hold in Judea and Samaria. Fatah, the PA and Abbas know they're living from day to day - by the good graces of the IDF.

4. With the pressure relaxed on those fronts, Israel dusts off its plans to destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

5. Having successfully defied Obama and his anti-Zionist cats-paws, Israel still has to respect the lame-duck snake, but can do so with greater confidence.

15 Reasons the Party on Wall Street is About to End in Tears

Writing at The Spectator, Liam Halligan summarizes the troubling nature of the state of the global economic system:

...alarming evidence is amassing that the global recovery is shaky, stock markets are over-hyped and the large western banks, for all the talk of reform, remain a serious liability. The reality, and it gives me no pleasure to write this, is that we could see a re-run of the ghastly credit crunch of 2007/08.

To paraphrase Clubber Lang, the following are 15 reasons that the central banking party fueling our economy will end in "pain".

1. The US Gross Domestic Product fell at an annual rate of 2.9 per cent on official figures, the first drop we’ve seen since the dark days of 2011.

2. The Eurozone, meanwhile, remains on the brink of recession, with GDP across the 18-nation currency area expanding a mere 0.2 per cent.

3. Despite this lack of growth, stock indices in the US and across the western world have repeatedly hit all-time highs in recent months.

4. Even though U.S. GDP is contracting and that US first-quarter corporate earnings were down 3.4 per cent, the S&P500 (the world’s most watched stock index) has broken its daily closing price record more than 20 times this year.

5. The reason for this dichotomy is the Federal Reserve’s money-printing machine, which has created thousands of billions of virtual dollars since 2008. Much of this has found its way into global stock markets, sending equity prices sky-high. Designed as an emergency measure, QE has since become a lifestyle choice, the financial and political equivalent of crack cocaine.

LET'S GIVE 'EM A STATE: Hamas announces it will give 250,000 grenades to Palestinian Children

Would you expect any different from a group with a heritage that includes Hitler and the Third Reich?

A Hamas spokesman announced that Hamas had manufactured 250,000 hand grenades that would be given to Palestinian youth to use to fight Israel instead of rocks.

It's all in the parenting, I always say.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

BORDER PATROL SAYS DEMOCRATS AND MEDIA ARE LYING: Illegal Surge Is Mostly Families, Not Unaccompanied Kids

By Jessica Vaughan

Border Patrol statistics found buried on a government website confirm that most of the Central American illegal aliens apprehended in the recent surge are family units. Less than one-fourth (22 percent) of all those apprehended are unaccompanied alien children (UACs) from Central America. The number of illegally arriving families shot up five times faster than UAC arrivals over last year.

The document was revealed this week by Washington Times columnist Ernest Istook.

In the first nine months of the fiscal year (October through June), the number of apprehensions along the southwest border of family units (each of which has, by definition, more than one person in it) has increased from 9,350 in 2013 to 55,420 in 2014 – an increase of nearly 500 percent.

Apprehensions of UACs went from 27,884 to 57,525 in the same period, an increase of about 100 percent.

The total number of southwest border apprehensions of aliens from countries "other than Mexico" (OTMs) was 202,951 through the end of June 2014, compared to 154,606 at this time last year.

These figures indicate that the number of individuals from Central America who arrived by June of this year as part of family units was at least 111,000 (assuming only two individuals in each family unit), but was probably closer to 145,000 (which is the number of OTMs who are not UACs).

These figures suggest that, while policies on handling UACs are important and may need to be tweaked a little, the focus of lawmakers should be on ending the administration's catch-and-release policies and reversing the general decay in immigration enforcement, which the illegal migrants themselves say has motivated them to come now.

Read more at Center for Immigration Studies

STUNNER: Obama sees no maximum limit to the tax rate

You know what they call it when the maximum tax rate hits 100 percent? Answer after the break.

The following excerpt from an interview with Dear Leader was handed to us over the transom by the inimitable James Pethokoukis:

Here is President Obama in a chat yesterday with CNBC’s Steve Liesman:

STEVE LIESMAN: Mr. President, I just want to pivot back one more time to domestic issues. You’ve said a bunch of times that getting the wealthy to pay a little bit more, and you’ve succeeded in raising that top tax rate to 39% or rolling back the tax cuts. Is there a limit there? Is there a limit to how much you believe the government should take from an individual in terms of a top tax rate?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know, I don’t have a particular number in mind, but if you look at our history we are still well below what, you know, the marginal tax rates were under Dwight Eisenhower or, you know, all the way up even through Ronald Reagan. Tax rates are still lower on average for most folks. And what that means is that we probably can make some more headway in closing loopholes that folks take advantage of. As opposed to necessarily raising marginal rates.

Obama’s response raises an interesting question: How high does he think tax rates could go without really damaging the economy? As my pal Liesman asked, what is the limit?

The president’s answer certainly suggests, at least to me, that he believes the US is nowhere close to the danger zone. If so, he is merely in sync with top left-leaning economists — such as Peter Diamond, Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez — who argue for top rates in the 70% to 80% range, if not higher. Oh, and at the same time the high-tax crowd would close tax loopholes and increase tax enforcement to limit avoidance.

Answer: North Korea.

In fact, Obama's father was a hard-core Communist. During his time in Kenyan politics, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. challenged Kenya's government for being insufficiently socialist.

"Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed," Obama Sr. wrote.

And you wonder where Obama got his economic illiteracy from.

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Larwyn's Linx: “Hitler’s Long Shadow over Israel”

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QOTD: "What’s important to remember politically about this is if you're a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don't get their tax credits—but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying [to] your citizens you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that that's a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at stake here in setting up these exchanges. But, you know, once again the politics can get ugly around this." --Professor Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare architect, January 18, 2012