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What Mark Levin Thinks About the Ambitions of the Bush Family

By Kate Scanlon

Mark Levin was less than thrilled to hear that Jeb Bush is running for president.

On his radio show, Levin called “the ambition of a single family” a “serious matter.”

“Attempting to hold that office with three different members [of the same family] is worthy of discussion,” said Levin.

He added that this ambition “should concern people who live in a republic.”

Here are five reasons why he thinks so:

1. There Are Others Who Could Serve

“There’s a score of governors, senators and others who are highly qualified on many levels and in many ways to serve as president,” said Levin. “We need a rotation of individuals.”

2. The “Establishment” of the Republican Party Lacks the “Courage and Confidence” to Seek Out Other Candidates

“Why would the Republican Party turn to the same family over and over again? Were their presidencies so outstanding? They weren’t. They were good or fair,” said Levin. “Is the Republican Party this vapid, this weak?”

3. Only “Financiers and Corporatists” Have a “Vested Interest” in Jeb Bush

“There’s no great calling for Jeb Bush to run for president among the grassroots…. We’re not looking for managers of the welfare state, managers of the decline of America… We’re looking for patriots,” said Levin.

With his "Executive Order on Amnesty", Obama throws Americans workers under the bus

By Sen. Jeff Sessions

The U.S. Department of Commerce informs us that “today’s typical 18- to 34-year-old earns about $2,000 less per year (adjusted for inflation) than their counterpart in 1980.” That is a sharp and painful wage decline for young Americans. What has happened in the labor market since 1980?

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau offers this insight: “From 1930 to 1950, the foreign-born population of the United States declined from 14.2 million to 10.3 million. . . . [but s]ince 1970, the foreign-born population of the United States has increased rapidly due to large-scale immigration.”

Census Bureau statistics report that in 1980, the foreign-born population stood at 14.1 million.

From 1980 through 2013, the immigrant population tripled from 14 million to more than 41 million.

This large increase in the size of the immigrant population is the direct product of policies in Washington.

Legal immigration during the ’80s averaged around 600,000 a year. But since 1990 through today it has averaged about 1 million annually — meaning the annual rate almost doubled. The sustained large-scale flow of legal immigration, overwhelmingly lower-wage and lower-skilled, has placed substantial downward pressure on wages.

We have, right now, a very slack labor market, with more jobseekers than jobs.

The White House has itself estimated that are three unemployed persons for each one job opening. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that, in the construction industry, there as seven unemployed persons for each available job opening.

This large-scale immigration flow, paired with the forces of globalization and automation, has made it ever more difficult for American workers to earn a wage that can support a family.

Consider this report just published in the New York Times:

The 5 Biggest Lies From President Obama's Friday Press Conference

Josh Siegel at the Daily Signal provides us with some transcripts from one of Emperor Obama's rare press conferences. What struck me about Dear Leader's answers is that virtually every significant assertion was a blatant and unconscionable lie. Consider:

Obama, on Sony’s decision to cancel the release of “The Interview” (the FBI confirmed that North Korea did, in fact, carry out a cyber attack on Sony):

“I am sympathetic to the concerns they faced, but having said that, yes, I think they made a mistake. I wish they had spoken to me first. I would have told them don’t get into a pattern where you’re intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks.

In fact, Sony CEO Michael Lynton responded on CNN that Czar Obama was full of it: "...the president, the press and the public are mistaken... We do not own movie theaters. We cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters! I don't know exactly whether he understands the sequence of events that led up to the movie not being shown in the movie theaters. Therefore I would disagree with the notion that it was a mistake."

On relations with the new Republican-controlled Congress in 2014:

“I am sincere when I say I want to work with the new Congress to get things done to make sure government is better and smarter. We saw during the lame duck that perhaps a spirit of compromise may be coming to the fore. I take Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell at their word.”

The truth, as Democrats and Republicans alike admit, is that Obama never works with Congress directly, never compromises, and despises spending any time on the business of government.

So the notion that Obama "wants to work with the new Congress" is as laughable as it is disingenuous.

On his use of executive actions:

“I am energized and excited and I won’t be stopping for a minute in an effort to make life better for ordinary Americans... Where I see a big problem and opportunity to help the American people, and I am within lawful authority to do it, I will do it.”

As federal judges have already ruled -- in strenuous language -- Obama's executive actions are blatantly unconstitutional and unlawful. For example, Judge Arthur J. Schwab, ruling in a deportation case earlier this week, wrote that "President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore, is unconstitutional."

Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley of Georgetown likewise ripped Obama's executive order as blatantly outside the scope of lawful behavior: "What the President is suggesting is tearing at the very fabric of the constitution... I always tell my friends on the Democratic side, we will rue the day when we helped create this uber presidency. What the Democrats are creating is something very very dangerous."

On the Keystone pipeline (incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said this will be Congress’ first order of business):

“It won’t be a huge benefit to U.S. consumers. It will not be a nominal benefit to U.S. consumers. When you consider what we could be doing if we rebuild roads and bridges, there are lot more direct ways to create well paying construction jobs.

Well paying construction jobs? Like those the Stimulus was supposed to create? As anyone who has graduated from sixth grade could tell you, Keystone would create "thousands of jobs", increase "economic security for the U.S.", and -- unlike Obama's failed "Stimulus" -- is actually "shovel-ready".

On the state of black America:

“Like the rest of America, black America in the aggregate is better off than when I came into office."

Since Obama took office, unemployment, poverty, and dependency on government are all up for vast segments of the black community. And, of course, as even the ludicrously biased Politico admits, race relations have worsened dramatically under Obama.

In short, Obama's ridiculous press conference was a cacophony of lies. It was a symphony of propaganda that perfectly befits the most lawless and most deceptive president in American history.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Image: Pic Of The Day: Obama Sniffs Cuban Cigar Hours After Lifting Embargo
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QOTD: "...justifying his new, unilateral (remember when that used to be a bad thing?) Cuba policy, Barry told us:

“If you’ve done the same thing for 50 years and nothing’s changed you should try something different if you want a different outcome.”

Maybe he should send the same message to his own party, because after 50 years and trillions of dollars, the results of the Great Society’s War on Poverty are less than spectacular..." --MOTUS

Friday, December 19, 2014

China Tests Ballistic Missile That Uses Guidance Technology Traded by Bill Clinton for Campaign Donations

By Investor's Business Daily

Defense: China has just tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile that can deliver up to 10 independently targeted nuclear warheads, using technology given to them on President Clinton's watch to launch communications satellites.

The Dec. 13 test of the DF-41 was the third for the new weapon. But it marked the first test of a multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle, or MIRV, technology and raises by an order of magnitude the nuclear threat to the U.S. as China continues its massive arms buildup. And disturbingly, the threat is in large part of our own making.

"The DF-4, which could be deployed as early as 2015, may carry up to 10 MIRVs, and have a range as far as 7,456 miles, allowing it to target the entire continental United States," according to the latest report produced for Congress by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

"China could use MIRVs to deliver nuclear warheads on major U.S. cities and military facilities as a means of overwhelming (existing) U.S. ballistic missile defenses," the report added.

The Cromnibus, Illustrated

Courtesy of our pals at Liberal Logic 101:

And they wonder why Americans in flyover country are crazy about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?

Who is On the Obama Enemies List?

By Judicial Watch

We are pleased to announce that Judicial Watch has joined forces with investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed jointly against the Department of Justice (DOJ). We want “any and all records” relating to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background checks on the award-winning correspondent. The request includes correspondence between Attkisson and FBI agents.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch one month ago, the DOJ and the White House targeted the former CBS correspondent as a result of her investigations into the growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal. In an October 4, 2011, email to White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz, Attorney General Eric Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, described Attkisson as “out of control.” Schmaler added ominously, “I’m also calling Sharryl’s [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer” (an apparent reference to CBS’ Chief Washington Correspondent and Face the Nation moderator Bob Scheiffer). Schultz responded, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

Leaving no stone unturned, the Judicial Watch/Attkisson lawsuit specifically asks for:

NO. PRINTABLE. COMMENT: Obama Apologizes to Castro

Yes, really. Michael Warren reports:

Barack Obama apologized to Cuban president Raul Castro during their phone conversation after the American commander in chief's opening remarks... Obama began the phone call with Castro with what he described as 15 minutes of opening comments. It was the first conversation between the heads of state in both countries since 1961.

"I apologized for taking such a long time," Obama said... According to the president, Raul Castro proceeded to speak to Obama uninterrupted for 30 minutes.

I tremble to think what additional damage this President will do to liberty, both here and abroad, in his remaining 25 months in office. Twenty. Five. Months.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Image: Kim's Plans
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QOTD: "Jeb Bush has made it clear that he wants to win the Republican nomination without needing the votes of the Republican base, i.e., the Tea Party.

He doesn't want to have to sell his soul for the Tea Party vote. What that means is, he doesn't want to have to pretend to be a conservative at any time during the primary to get the Tea Party or conservative vote... He's not gonna pander. And as evidence, I offer you this from the Washington Times. This is back in 2009, May 3 of 2009, but it's important that you have this in the hopper.

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it’s time --" this is May 3rd of 2009, so five years ago, admittedly, but it fits nicely with yesterday. "Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it’s time for the Republican Party to give up its 'nostalgia' for the heyday of the Reagan era and look forward, even if it means stealing the winning strategy deployed by Democrats in the 2008 election." --Rush Limbaugh

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jeb Bush's Unseemly Love Affair with Communist Core

By Investor's Business Daily

Election 2016: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush embraces one-size-fits-all national education standards that would turn schools into re-education camps for the left. His decision could cause trouble with GOP primary voters.

As is the tradition these days, Jeb Bush, brother of one former president and son of another, has announced via social media that he is preparing to run for president, setting the stage for another Bush-Clinton contest in 2016 should former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton get the Democratic nomination.

To be the Republican nominee, Bush must run a gauntlet of primaries where he'll need to persuade Tea Party types and hard-core conservatives to get behind an "establishment" candidate who supports Common Care, a program that former Rep. Allen West has called "the ObamaCare of education."

Common Core is a set of education and learning standards that so far has produced bizarre lesson and learning plans. Some see it as a progressive dream of turning K-12 schools into leftist re-education camps — much as many major universities and colleges already are.

Some five years ago, a majority of states gave up a big chunk of their sovereignty by embracing a set of national teaching and education standards. Because the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) concept originated with a coalition of state governors and the goal of setting a uniform standard for grades K-12 nationwide, the common belief was: What could go wrong?

Since Washington stepped into the picture, Common Core has morphed into a tool to eliminate local control of education. Instead of teaching kids how to read and count, CCSS lesson plans often contain subliminal messages that teach them what to think.

Consider the worksheet that asks students to rewrite sentences to make them "less wordy." Sentences such as "The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all." Presumably, "commands" include executive orders that shred the Constitution.

These worksheets, published by New Jersey-based Pearson Education, ask fifth-graders to edit such sentences as "he (the president) makes sure the laws of the country are fair" and "the wants of an individual are less important than the well-being of the nation."

That last sentence, by the way, sounds to us suspiciously like the old Marxist axiom "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Déjà vu: Corrupt, Senile GOP Leaders Viciously Attack Party's Statesmen, But Not a Rogue President

By Josh Withrow

The "CRomnibus" government funding bill passed handily last weekend, but not before Senators Lee and Cruz had their say. In a controversial move, the two senators managed to put their colleagues on record voting for or against funding President Obama's latest unconstitutional executive power grab. Many Republican senators, however, protest too much, claiming that Lee and Cruz may have allowed the Democrats to pass a number of executive nominees because of their insistence upon making their point.

As the story goes, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had promised to adjourn the Senate after passing the CRomnibus and a couple of other bills, leaving these controversial nominees on the table. The Republicans lambasting Senators Lee and Cruz are making the argument that Reid was absolutely, totally going to keep his word and not advance these controversial nominees. As Senator Lee has pointed out this was not only unlikely, but it would be “political malpractice” for a departing Democrat majority leader to fail to cram through every one of his president’s nominees as possible. In Lee's words, "if you think… that [Reid] was going to leave town without confirming everybody that he wanted to confirm in the post-nuclear Senate, they’re crazy."

Even the same day that Lee and Cruz put forth their point of order, Reid and the Democrats were reportedly searching for ways to get their nominees through before the end of the session. Were Lee and Cruz really supposed to let Reid’s non-binding promises stop them from exercising their ability to get the Senate on the record against executive overreach?

The point that dissenting Republicans are covering up is that their party alone could and should have held up the bloated spending bill on account of its many flaws, but they chose not to. But apparently, they were more concerned with getting home for the holidays without controversy, since 77 Senators, including 28 Republicans, voted to let the bloated Cromnibus through without a contest.

In the end, the real story is that a few principled senators exercised their ability to force their colleagues to go on the record supporting a massive presidential breach of Constitutional authority. The fact that their fellow Republicans are upset about this speaks volumes.

Read more at FreedomWorks


The true history of the reign of the Bush Dynastic Clan, as transcribed by the Official Historian, Sir Octavius Whitmore Darius Bush IV, Esq.

  • 1988-1992 George Herbert Walker Bush: Bush the First
  • 1992-2000: Age of the Usurper
  • 2000-2008 George Walker Bush: Bush the Younger
  • 2008-2016: Age of the Usurper
  • 2016-2024 John Ellis "Jeb" Bush: Bush the Second
  • 2024-2032 William Jefferson Bush: Bush the Elder
  • 2032-2040 Augustus Herbert Bush: The Great and Powerful Bush
  • 2040-2048 James Tiberius Bush: His Eminence
  • 2048-2073 Caesar Octavius Bush: His Majesty Caesar the First
  • 2073-2073 George Caligula Bush: Bush the Mad, assassinated by his brother, Romulus
  • 2073-2074 Hillary Rodham Bush: Bush the Pantsuited
  • 2074-2083 Titus Rove Bush: Bush the Crony
  • 2083-2090 Malik Obama Bush: Emperor Bush I
  • 2090-2091 Carlos Hernandez Bush: First Lord of Aztlan
Note: after the reign of the First Lord of Aztlan, all subsequent years are renumbered starting with year zero and suffixed with "YA" (Year of Aztlan).
  • 0 YA-11 YA Vladimir Lenin Bush: Czar Bush the Mighty
  • 11 YA-current Kim Jong-Bush: Dear Leader
Additional note: Dear Leader is a deity and, as such, can never be replaced.

Certified by the Official Historian of the DPRA
Sir Octavius Whitmore Darius Bush IV, Esq.
The Democratic People's Republic of Aztlan

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Image: WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: Indoctrination Of Children In The Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS)
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QOTD: ""I just think it’s ironic that in the 50 years that have passed under embargo, America has moved closer to communism than Cuba has to liberty. --Kate McMillan