Monday, June 27, 2016

DEMOCRAT PARTY GOES FULL RADICAL NUTJOB: "Most Progressive Platform Our Party Has Ever Seen"

By AR Squared

“Most ambitious and progressive platform our party has ever seen.”

Those are words spoken by Hillary Clinton’s senior policy advisor about the draft of the Democratic Party platform and they should frighten every American that supports free enterprise and a restrained federal government. The platform draft approved by the Democratic drafting committee consisting of both Clinton and Sanders allies includes proposals that will make it more difficult for individuals to break free from government constraints and achieve the American Dream.

There are many dangerous proposals in the Democratic Party’s platform that should raise concern:

Open Borders Zealot Zuckerberg Angers Neighbors by Building Massive Security Wall Around His Hawaiian Home

Gee, I don't sense anything hypocritical about this factoid:

For years, Kilauea, Kauai resident Gy Hall has enjoyed the view of the ocean and the breeze along Koolau Road. Then, a few weeks ago, a crew started to build a wall which happens to belong to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense,” Hall said. “It’s really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.”

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Climate, Energy & Regulations

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Image: UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate
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QOTD: "If we are not to suffer the fate of past civilizations, we must expel the parasites who now control our economy and who will continue controlling it if Hillary Clinton is elected. The Washington elite are terrified by Donald Trump because he is serious about making America great again – and he knows that the only way to do so is the kick the parasites out. Trump's announced policies on taxes and regulation make perfect sense. They would free up American businesses to compete on a level playing field. They appeal to one of the most basic human instincts: the desire to produce more and retain the proceeds.

For eight years, the Obama administration has undermined our nation's competitive instincts. It's time to unleash them by putting producers first – and putting parasites in their place." --Jeffrey Folks

Sunday, June 26, 2016

If Mr. Obama secretly planned to give Iran nuclear weapons, exactly what would he be doing differently?

By The Tower

The Obama administration is encouraging companies to do business with Iran in order to make last year’s nuclear deal irreversible, The Wall Street Journal reported (Google link) Thursday.

Administration officials told the Journal that they were encouraging businesses to make agreements with Iran in order to make it harder for future administrations to unravel the deal, since that would then threaten American jobs. The push for opening up Iran to American business has been led by Secretary of State John Kerry, which has put him at odds with the Treasury Department, which enforces sanctions on Iran.

Wall Street Oligarchs for Hillary!

By Karl Denninger

Why am I not surprised?

Henry Paulson, a Republican who was U.S. Treasury secretary during the 2008 financial meltdown, on Friday called a Donald Trump presidency "unthinkable" and said he will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, it's unthinkable because if Paulson's former firm (Goldman Sachs) got into debt trouble Trump would probably do what he did with his firms that also did so -- tell them to file bankruptcy instead of bailing them out.

Larwyn's Linx: #2A -- Die Trying; The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking; Brexit Vindicates Trump's Nationalism

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Image: Masses rise up across pond – now get ready for Hillexit
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Bonus QOTD: "...after the worst month of Trump's campaign, [Hillary Clinton]'s clinging to a lead in most swing state polls that's within the margin of error. It's time for someone in Brooklyn to pull the fire alarm. Her team has known for months what a deeply flawed candidate she is, and they smartly decided to make this election a referendum on Trump. Team Clinton has already spent millions on ads painting Trump as a crass buffoon. They've stayed on message for the last month while avoiding any unforced errors lately. Their media coverage has markedly improved since pivoting to the general, with the press fawning over her recent foreign policy speech as her best to date. She should be ahead by double digits today.

The pundits have been reporting that Trump's month in the wilderness cost him support in the latest round of polling because that's what Beltway conventional wisdom dictates. But any decent Clinton strategist knows the numbers are telling a different, and much scarier, story for her...

...And if you're wondering whether her campaign has considered just shelving her for the next few months and hoping no one notices, the answer probably lies in the fact that its been over 200 days since her last press conference. The last time she held a true press conference, we were just putting away our turkey basters, the State Department IG hadn't issued its report that said she'd failed to comply with department policies, and she hadn't received a single vote. Hiding their candidate is exactly what the Clinton campaign is doing." --Sarah Isgur Flores

Saturday, June 25, 2016

REVEALED: Clinton Held Secret Meetings With Billionaire Foundation Donors and Scrubbed Official Records of Them

By America Rising

The American people have overwhelmingly shown this year they do not find Hillary Clinton to be trustworthy. Two key reasons why Clinton is dogged by distrust are her private email scandal and the shadiness surrounding the Clinton Foundation and its donors. Two breaking stories by the Associated Press only deepen Clinton’s trust deficit.

First, the AP reported that, contrary to what Clinton has claimed, key emails held on her private server were never turned over to the State Department. They also reported that Clinton went as far as declining a State Department Blackberry. An email discovered from November 2010 also raises new questions about what other State Department emails Clinton is hiding from the American people:

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Image: Brexit: A Very British Revolution
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "...the sense of watching one’s civilization destroyed from within was probably fired chiefly by incidents featuring a rampant and radical Islam. Protests demanding sharia law provoked not a defense of British tradition by the government, but an attempt to silence native Britons who were offended by the idea of setting aside their laws and traditions. Incidents in which Muslim street gangs enforced sharia law in London cut against the sense of England being England, as the traditions of the neighborhood pub and good honest beer came under literal attack. Murders of British soldiers in the streets, with chants of “You and your children will be next,” told the British people that their government was not defending their home or their way of life.

And, of course, there was the ongoing saga of Rotherham, where police turned a blind eye to a Pakistani-led child-rape ring for more than a decade. “There was a Home Office investigation into charges that Tony Blair’s government had known of the ring as early as 2001, but did nothing because it conflicted with ‘his government’s efforts to pacify Muslim communities.’”

These same forces are at work all across Europe." --Counter Jihad