Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"We're Sorry" -- Obama voters express their regrets

The drones Obama voters have begun sending me photos expressing their sorrow in voting for the Won.

I'll post them all when I have a chance.

Update: Michelle Malkin suggested that David Brooks might want to join the apologetic crew. Sure enough, Junior Cub Reporter Biff Spackle snapped this photo of Brooks confirming his buyer's remorse.

And if you've got some that you'd like me to publish, just fire me an email.

Update II: As for the drones Obama supporters writing to insist we "give him a chance", I suggest you read the copiously illustrated Wisdom of Crowds and Obanomics.

And for those still attempting to pin the market meltdown on various Republicans, I proudly present The Scariest Chart Ever.

Go ahead and read 'em. I'll wait.

Update III: Chuck C. got Brooks to pose in his business attire.

Update IV: Paul B. located a couple of other shots.

Update V: Christopher E. snapped this exclusive shot:

Update VI: Carl S. sends us a divine picture.

Update VII: I've got mail!

Update VIII: Lordsomber:

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Drew said...

I'm sorry you think McCain would have been better.

C'mon, all the bad stuff Obama has been doing is par for the @&%@ing course for a republican.
What I'm truly sorry for is that I went for Obama over Hillary

Anonymous said...

Drew, I'm sorry that you are stuck with a 2 party mindset in a multi-party world. There were more than 2 options.

Elray said...

Drewless is clueless. I didn't vote for Obama because I paid attention and researched. McCain is no conservative but he was so much the better choice between the two.
For far too long Republicans have caved to the left slanted media but the country is waking up and hopefully conservatives will continue to find their voice.

NO BO 2112 said...

There is a really cool and hysterical video of this called ”The Crying Game” on Dewey From Detroit.

Carax said...

I voted independent but ...

to all those on the right who are gloating over this useless president who happens to be carrying on the same Bush II policies,that is, conveniently forgetting recent history; remember you drank the kool-aide under Bush II for 8 years yourself and then invented the Tea Party under Obama to protest the problems the Bush administration started. As for protesting against health "reform" there is no reform, the insurance companies won, Wall Street stole billions from the American people ... something any Bush lover would be proud of. And now Obama is expanding wars and continuing the same national and foreign policies in the Bush tradition.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is gloating. We hate to see this President make stupid decisions. It only hurts the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Love the fake pictures.

roger said...

"If you bound the arms and legs of gold-medal swimmer Michael Phelps, weighed him down with chains, threw him in a pool and he sank, you wouldn't call it a 'failure of swimming'. So, when markets have been weighted down by inept and excessive regulation, why call this a 'failure of capitalism'?"
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Brian H said...

Carax, U maroon. The Rs and Administration tried 17 times to derail the Dodd-Franks mandate to extend unlimited credit to those unable to carry it. Really, go look at the Scary Charts link, above.

Bush's worst excesses don't amount to a pimple on The Wun's butt.

sb10 said...

I did not vote for Obama. And I did not vote for McSame. I doubt he would have been much better.

sf said...

Love all the commenters who say something like "Obama is just continuing the policies of George Bush!"

How can anyone find common ground-- or even a common *language*--with people who are so warped?

Oh, and love the pics.

Anonymous said...

That Drew must be retarded.

Robert said...

@ SF, who said "Love all the commenters who say something like "Obama is just continuing the policies of George Bush!"

Seeing as he campaigned on the promise to eliminate several Bush-era policies, such as ending the Iraq/Arghan war, Closing GitMo, and repealing the Patriot Act, and then subsequently committed more troops to both wars, signed the Patriot Act extension bill, and decided to keep GitMo open indefinitely, it is not that far-fetched to state that 'Obama is continuing the policies of George Bush'.

Citing those examples, it's also quite fair to call Obama, simply, a liar.
But what do I know,in '08 I voted for a black man for President: Alan Keyes!
And in 2012, this whitey will be voting for another black man for President: Herman Cain!

Katielee4211 said...

These are great. Thanks for posting them, and keep them coming!
I didn't vote for Obama either. I paid attention to the glaring inconsistencies and researched like Elray. And I questioned. His associations, his history, his little Freudian Slips. The removal of the Flag pin, his detachment during the Star Spangled Banner....Over and over the signs were there
But better late than never. At least those should be votes against him in 2012.

Leroy Jabowski said...

I don't care how many apologies Obama supporters render: When the SHTF they must be excluded from the restored nation - They will do well in a third world nation. Their choice to ignore the warning signs of an Obama presidency is indicative of people who have no concept of behavioral consequences - they leave the messes for others to clean-up. If the nation survives this summer's madness, Obama will be re-elected. His second term will be the demise of civilization.

Anonymous said...

God, I love saying "I told you so."

Anonymous said...

Neither is Romney.

Anonymous said...

Drew personifies the ignorance of much of the American electorate.

Rodhea said...

to 'mygamebest'...DUDE, that reads like some of the porn emails I get. Did you have to regale us with such nonsense? Ohhhhh wait, I get it now! That's one of Obama's speeches written for him by his staff before they translate for his teleprompter. Amazing! I think it is working! I think I actually understand what is being said. The brainwashing is working. I'm doomed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Right on Drew on admitting you made a mistake in the primary, re: Obama/Hillary. I *did* vote mccain,but amen on shoulda gone with hils. (and NO, i did NOT vote for zero in the primary), but i'm glad a few of you are coming out and recognizing the mistake.

Unknown said...

In all honesty, I don't give two shits who's mess this is. When you hire someone to do a job, you expect that the job will get done. Obama has had four years, and we have yet to see any positive improvement in the economy, in daily life and in foreign politics. Gas prices have almost tripled over the past four years, less than one million jobs were created altogether (whereas under Clinton and Reagan, they managed to create over 4 billion jobs each), there is more racial, religious and gender discrimination than ever before, the amount of jobless and homeless have skyrocketed, and we have had serious security information leaks that have compromised our ally Israel and the safety of our military forces. He has violated US Constitutional law on more than one occasion and has bowed to foreign leaders. Point the blame all you want, but at the end of the day, as a whole we are worse off than we were four years ago. He got the job, he failed to upkeep his promises and even make any real recovery, and so he needs to be fired and a more competent leader hired.

Kathy Appley said...

My EX Husband voted for Obama cause his UNION told him to. I on the other hand went with my gut and didn't.

directorblue said...

Good for you, Kathey.

Obama's EPA is destroying union jobs (truckers, miners, refinery workers, oil company employees, ...).

This time, I think union members are gonna tell pollsters one thing and vote for saving their jobs.

Potsdam45 said...

So it looks like all of those who voted for Obozo for fear of looking "racist" will now vote against him for fear of looking "Socialist"

Gunderfelt said...

I have no regrets. I never voted for obama because I did something that most dems/libs never think of doing or are unable to due to severe atrophy -- I used my brain!! I'm not a rocket scientist. I didn't need to be to see & hear all the signs and handwriting on the proverbial wall to know that this completely green, untried & untested radical with a super slimy and gap-ridden past and despicably America-hating mentors, role models, handlers and "friends", was unquestionably the worst possible choice for POTUS in the history of the United States!! Anyone who voted for obama simply had to be one of the following three: An idiot; delusional; or, an enemy of the USA. I do not jest in the slightest. I mean what I've said above with complete sincerity. obama had so many red flags that it would have been laughable had it not been so ludicrous and frightening! It was as if the democratic party and obama's handlers sensed that democrats, and sadly some Republicans as well, were ready to vote for ANYthing, so long as it walked on two legs, didn't have a last name of Clinton (the shameful and embarrassing legacy of Bill Clinton was still too fresh in their minds) OR a (GASP!) conservative!

Well, the dem powers-at-be and obama’s handlers were CORRECT for a change. The party was indeed primed and ready to vote for ANYTHING -- regardless of how pathetic, weak, unqualified, incompetent, untrustworthy, deceitful, fraudulent or wrongheaded that he was!

They got exactly what they voted for, and yet they act all startled and shocked, and they spend much of their time playing the blame game and rationalizing how it wouldn’t have mattered who they voted for because the outcome would have been the same!

That’s how terrifying the rationalization process can be, and how distressing dem voters are at any given moment!

Mike Behan said...

I had 4 friends that voted both times for Obama, and have just recently apologized for the vote and going viral, especially about Palin.
Sent them snail mail simply stating, Apology NOT accepted.

Anonymous said...

The only thing more pathetic that this right-wing sponsored rant blog is that any of you believe even one of these photos is real.

First, no fucking Obama supporter would ever have the stones to admit they were wrong, even if they felt that way.

Second, photoshop. Learn to recognize the difference.

What a sorry bunch of stupid, old disgruntled fucks you are. Hopefully you'll die soon and we'll be free of this BS two-party name calling cat fight.

Fuck republicans and the democrat ass-buddies. You're ruining a once great democracy.

Anonymous said...

Poor anonymous, he thinks America was founded as a Democracy which is ni more than 2 wolves and a sheep arguing over whats for dinner. We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic which is why liberals hate the TEA Party. The Constitutiongets in the way of all their progressive ideas.